During the past six months….

1.  Fail to give close attention to details of make careless mistakes in my work.

2.  Fidget with hands or feet or squirm in seat.

3.  Difficulty sustaining my attention in tasks or fun activities.

4.  Leave my seat in classrooms of in other places where seating is expected.

5.  Don’t listen when spoken to directly.

6.  Feel restless

7.  Don’t follow through on instruction and fail to finish work.

8.  Have difficulty engaging in leisure activities or doing fun things quietly.

9.  Having difficulty organizing tasks and activities.

10.  Feel “on the go” or “driven by a motor”

11.  Avoid, dislike, or am reluctant to engage in work that involves sustained mental effort.

12.   Talk excessively

13.   Loose things necessary for tasks and activities.

14.   Blurt out answers before the questions are completed.

15.   Easily distracted

16.  Have difficulty awaiting turn

17.  Forgetful in daily activities.

18.   Interrupt Others

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